How To Stop Snoring Naturally Tonight

When the air is somehow prevented from being transferred from the nose to the lungs, it leads to snoring. The vibration of the tissues around the throat leads to snoring. Sometimes nasal congestion also causes snoring. Basically, any obstruction in the nasal passage makes you snore. If you are wondering how to stop snoring naturally tonight, we have tried to list five very basic natural ways to stop snoring.

  • Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol prevents the muscles in the back of your throat relaxing from which increases the chances that you would snore while you would be sleeping. Additionally, it also dehydrates your body which again increases the snoring in the night. Try to avoid alcohol consumption before 4 to 5 hours of sleep.

  • Make your room cool, dark and calm

Make your room favorable to sleep deeply by lowering the temperature and making it dark and noise free. It has been demonstrated that somewhat lower temperature helps the body to sleep better. Also, the brain associates the dark with the night and gets the signal that it is time to sleep. If possible keep the noise in the room to a minimum or you can add a white noise such as slow music if that helps you sleep better.

  • Do some light stretching or little walk before the sleep

It has been observed that doing some stretching before the bed helps your muscles relax and sleep better. Similarly, a light walk before the bedtime is considered good for the deep sleep. Taking a massage can also help you relax and sleep easily. Sometimes meditating before the bedtime also helps you relax mentally before bedtime.

  • Keep your body well hydrated

When you are dehydrated, your nose and throat also become dry and they secrete a thick and sticky material. Sometimes, it might obstruct the airway and eventually increase the snoring. When you drink enough water, the moisture level of the tissues inside your mouth increases, thus improving your breathing process. A good way to assess that you are drinking enough water is by looking at the color of your urine. If it is clear or light yellow then you are well hydrated.

  • Switch off your gadgets one hour before bedtime

A good habit is to use the bed only for sleeping purposes. Try to avoid looking at any electronic gadget such as TV, laptop or phone at least one hour before the bed. It has been observed by the doctors that the blue light emitted by the screens actually affect our eyes a lot which prevents us from sleeping properly. Additionally, avoid the consumption of coffee after afternoon as sometimes its effect remains even after 4-5 hours of the consumption.

  • Sleep sideways

Usually, when the soft palate and upper throat collapse while sleeping, it obstructs the airflow to the lungs and leads to the snoring with each breath. When you sleep on your back, it becomes much easier for the soft palate to collapse on the tongue and upper throat because of the way how your head and neck are located. Try to sleep sideways and the chances of the snoring would greatly reduce.

Hopefully, these methods would make you understand how to stop snoring naturally tonight and give you a proper sleep.

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